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Crystal chandelier feng shui principle
Jul 02, 2018

The living room is masculine in Feng Shui, so the living room lighting should be tall enough and bright enough so that the lights can be scattered to every corner. If there are more living room lamps, they should try to match each other in order to maintain the overall style of the living room. If the living room area is large, the lamps can be used to properly divide the area. For example, installing a warm chandeliers to create a warm atmosphere, installing small spotlights, downlights, etc. to change the lighting situation is not good. Lucky can not be separated from the use of lighting. The living room is bright and noble, so the living room lighting does not use fluorescent or white light. It is best to use a halogen lamp with yellow light. Halogen lamps can bring a sense of warmth and harmony, but also bring about strong popularity and financial. In addition, there are several corners of the living room that belong to the financial position of the family and should be carefully arranged and used. You can choose a bright living room lighting to illuminate your financial position. Reasonable use of living room lighting to improve the residential magnetic field, you can enlarge the sense of space, but also prevent villains from destroying wealth.