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Crystal lamp cleaning tips
Jul 02, 2018

1. Do not rotate the lamp body: When cleaning the lamp, do not rotate the lamp body to avoid loosening of the screw teeth, resulting in an unsafe accident.
2. Check the connecting parts: At the same time, check the firmness of the lamp body's connecting parts, and find that the screws are loosely tightened smoothly, and the spiral thread with danger of slipping is to be replaced immediately to ensure safety.
3, to maintain the bead string flat: when cleaning the bead string (especially the upper and lower part of the net) found that the bead string distortion (with a spring round button or elliptical buckle, this phenomenon is prone to occur), should be adjusted to reach the flat effect; if it is used flat If the "butterfly deduction" is connected in series, the front of the deduction should be consistent and outward, and the interface should be inward in order to be beautiful and uniform.

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