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Difference between natural crystal and artificial crystal
Jul 02, 2018

(1) The color distribution of natural purple crystals is uneven, irregular flaky distribution, gas-liquid inclusions; the synthetic purple crystals are of uniform color, and the center has nucleus crystal nucleus.
(2) Natural crystals include yellow crystals and smoke crystals. If they are blue, they are artificially colored.
(3) Observed by the sun, natural crystal jewelry can be seen in any case, with subtle, fine stripes or catkin-like textures, while fake crystal ornaments are generally regenerated with slag or glass melting and polished. Colored and patterned, no uniform stripes and catkins are visible against the sun.
(4) Natural crystal jewelry can radiate beautiful brilliance no matter from which angle, and false water ornaments have no such brilliance.
(5) The refractive index of the natural crystal is 1.54; the false refractive index of the crystal is generally less than 1.