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How to properly clean the crystal lamp
Jul 02, 2018

1. Prepare a ladder, a clean rag, and the tools needed for detergents. Then we turned off the power. In order not to let the ladder scratch our floor, we could put a sponge cushion under the crystal lamp, or we could protect it from dropping when our crystal ball accidentally fell.
2, after the ladder is placed, one person climbs up, then one by one, take the crystal ball down, put them in the basin, and then clean one by one, Xiaobian reminds everyone, when you get each crystal ball Remember the location so that it is convenient to install.
3, Put the crystal ball we just removed on the basin, then put it under the faucet and pour the detergent we prepared into it. Then wipe the water with a rag and wipe the bulb clean.
4, After picking up the crystal ball, clean the plated lamp holder with a dry rag, wipe it clean, and we can install it.