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The origin of crystal
Jul 02, 2018

The crystal endogenous deposits are pegmatite, hydrothermal, and skarn; exogenous deposits are commonly found in placers. The gem-quality crystals are mainly produced in crystal or pegmatite veins, and crystals are produced almost everywhere in the world. Such as Madagascar, Zambia, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Myanmar, Afghanistan and so on.
China's crystal deposits are also widely distributed, with more than 25 provinces and regions producing crystals. The genetic types of crystal deposits in China are mainly divided into four types:
1 granite pegmatite crystal deposits, such as the Chatstai crystal deposit in Wulate Middle Banner, Inner Mongolia;
2 quartz vein type crystal deposits, such as China's most famous "hometown of crystal" - a crystal deposit in Donghai County, Jiangsu Province;
3 skarn crystal deposits, such as the Chaoyangwan crystal deposit in the Baling You Qi of Inner Mongolia;
4 crystal sand deposit, crystal hardness is high, difficult weathering, often formed residual product, slope product and alluvial crystal sand mine.