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What are the benefits of the crystal chain?
Jul 02, 2018

First, wear a crystal bracelet, the crystal bracelet with the human wrist, the wrist is the end of the body's blood circulation, wearing a crystal bracelet can effectively promote blood circulation, has a direct benefit to the body.

Second, the crystal inside there are some minerals that the body needs, we often wear crystal bracelets, and direct contact with the skin, after a long time, the minerals in the crystal may be absorbed by the body some, and health.

Third, optical characteristics and color Psychology, from the crystal's optical characteristics, the crystal is a trigonal system When the direction of precision cutting after grinding, the optical axis direction will often produce a certain concentration, light function, when it stimulates the human body Acupuncture points can produce a certain amount of physical therapy.

Fourth, natural crystal also has a certain collection value, value preservation and value-added is also available, good crystal bracelet as a hedge product is also very good.

V. In terms of feng shui, we know that in the corner of the house, crystal balls or white crystal clusters can be placed on the corners of the house.