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Crystal Ball Chandelier Ready For Installation
Jul 02, 2018

1, determine the installation location of the room and crystal ball chandelier size, in an elegant big house, the crystal ball chandelier is the best decoration, especially the living room, a crystal chandelier large enough to make the entire room more substantial, high-end atmosphere, but If a large crystal ball chandelier looks too crowded in a medium sized room, hanging a smaller crystal ball chandelier would be more perfect.

2, the lamp inspection lampshade, the appearance of no mechanical deformation, paint peeling and other phenomena, it is also to ensure the beauty of the living room crystal ball chandelier, followed by the provisions of the relevant installation procedures to configure the minimum cross-sectional area of each wire, in particular Photovoltaic lamps below 36 degrees Celsius shall be used in more dangerous or special places and necessary protective measures shall be taken.

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