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Crystal Chandelier Information
Jul 02, 2018

Generally speaking, in the interior of natural crystals, white fine lines can be seen. Artificial crystals are actually made by mixing sand, potassium carbonate, glass frits and at least 25% of lead oxide. These crystals or glass It is first cut into small pieces, and then polished and polished. The more cut surfaces are polished, the greater the ability to refract light. The main shapes of grinding are: pear shape, half pear shape, star shape, button shape, spherical shape, diamond shape, heart shape Shapes, octagons, cones, flowers, trapezoids, and so on.

Those transparent, flashy pendants, those beads, and these small hangings hanging on the chandelier are not just ornaments, but the brilliance of the reflected light, and they are a good way of publicizing bright interiors. These crystal pendants can It is made of natural crystals, artificial crystals or glass.