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Other Properties Of Crystal
Jul 02, 2018

1. Piezoelectric effect: Under the action of mechanical force (pressure or tension), the crystal single crystal will generate charges at both ends, and its electric quantity is equal but the sign is opposite. In industry, colorless, defect-free, crystal-free crystals are often used as piezoelectric quartz chips.
2. Thermal conductivity: Better than glass, but poor compared to most minerals, and directional.
3. Hot-melting: The crystal is difficult to melt. It melts when the temperature reaches around 1715°C, and it can lower the melting point when there is an inclusion.
4. Boiling point: 2477°C
5. Chemical stability: very good, only dissolved in hydrofluoric acid at room temperature, insoluble in other types of acids, alkalis. It can be dissolved in sodium carbonate solution under high temperature and high pressure conditions.
6. Solubility: Crystal is insoluble in water at normal temperature and pressure.