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The Difference Between Crystal And Glass
Jul 02, 2018

The appearance of crystal and glass is very similar, but it is two completely different substances. The main differences are the following five aspects:
1. Material is different Crystal is a crystalline silicon dioxide, glass is only a mixture of silica containing molten state.
2. Different effects Glass only has a decorative effect. In addition to the decorative effect of crystal, there is a piezoelectric effect and a special health care function.
3. Different prices The crystal unit price is several times or even several times higher than glass.
4. Different physical properties
(1). Crystal is crystalline, with high hardness (Mohs 7), while the hardness of the glass is low, (Mohs 5.5), crystal can mark the glass, otherwise it can not.
(2). Crystal is a crystalline body with good thermal conductivity, and it has a cold touch with the tip of the tongue. The glass looks warm.
(3). Different from the polarizer, the crystal can transmit light, but the glass can't.
(4). The high-quality crystal looks bright, clear and bright, there are no small bubbles, no water marks, so it is expensive. Therefore, the quality level and price of crystal are very relevant.
5. Different processing technology Glass can be hot-formed, saving materials and labor, and low cost. Crystal is a crystal, which cannot be reversed after heating and melting, so it cannot be cast by hot casting, and only cold working such as cutting or grinding can be used.