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True And False Crystal Beads Identification Method
Jul 02, 2018

(1) Seeing: In the process of natural crystal formation, it is often influenced by the environment and always contains some impurities. When observing the sun, you can see a faint evenness of small stripes or catkins. The fake crystals are mostly made of crystallized glass crucibles and glass crucibles that have been smelted by grinding and coloring. There are no uniform stripes or catkins.

(2) Tongue: Even in the hot summer days, there are cold and cool feelings when you use your tongue to pick up the natural crystal surface. Fake crystal, no cool feeling.

(3) Light: The natural crystal stands vertically under the sunlight, and it can give off beautiful brilliance no matter from which angle. Fake crystal can not.

(4) Hardness: The hardness of the natural crystal is large. Grab the stone gently on the jewelry and leave no trace. If there is a streaking mark, it is a fake crystal.

(5) Use a magnifying glass to check: Use a 10x magnifying glass to check under transmitted light. The bubble can be basically found as false crystal.

(6) Check with the hair: The crystal is placed on a hair. If the human eye sees the double shadow of the hair through the crystal, it is a natural crystal, mainly because the crystal has birefringence.